Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

 This year I made the girls these adorable skirts!
I love the way they turned.
"Give me hug"
 Nothing beats sister love.
 although cousin love comes close.
Aunt Rachee is always a trooper for entertaining the boys!
 Maleen had a change of heart about Aunt Jenny because 
"Jenny painted my nails!"
 Pretty! Pretty! Girls!
 Like I said Sister Love
The bird looks delicious!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
It was so nice to be together.
The food was awesome.
Even better then I remembered!

First Snow

The first snow is always very exciting.
Nathan took our kids outside at 6:30 AM so they could enjoy it before it all melted.

Back Up...Back Up

I can't believe I forgot to blog about our trip to Utah in October.  My cousin Brennen came home from his mission to Samoa and we all went in to celebrate!  It was great fun and I don't have one picture to prove it.

I did remember to take my camera to Cornbelley's however.
 For those of you unfamiliar with the abundance of super fun activities in Salt Lake City and Utah Valley you are really missing out.  There is sooo much to do.
One of our favorite fall things is Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point.
Good times are to be had for young and old.
Cornbelley's is one of those places that you wait in a long line to get into (if you go at night on a weekend) and think it isn't going to be fun because of all the people.  And then you get inside and realize that it is so big that it really doesn't seem like that many people.
Due to the scarcity of photos you can see that I was busy having fun not snapping pictures.
I did get some good ones waiting in line.
 The girls couldn't figure out what all the excitement was about.
 The boys knew and couldn't wait.
 Tanii was freezing by the time we left.
 Marcus was so happy that Uncle Steve was there.
Even Grandma and Aunt Rachee got in on the action.
Maleen had a great time on the bouncing pillows.
It is great because they have a separate area for toddlers.
Marcus got rough and tumble with Kinsley.
Marcus has talked about shooting a car with corn since last year.
He is a pretty good shot if I do say so myself.
The biggest wooden rocker I have ever seen.
 Way to cute for the stocks.

Like I said I didn't snap a lot of pictures.
But we all had a great time.

The only low spot was...
When I MADE Marcus go through the Haunted Dragon with me.
He hated it.
He kept his eyes closed the whole time.
He has vowed never to go in it again.
I felt bad for making him.


 Maleen was a clown this year.
(My first had made costume)
 Marcus chose his costume based on the weapon accessories.
This costume had a gun and a dagger!!!!
 My Mom's neighborhood make a great spot for trick-or-treating!
The kids were all so excited to go that this is the best group picture I could get.
I love Hazel's "Super Girl" costume!
Fenn was so excited to be Spiderman (he had it planned for a year)
Jenny made Malcolm an awesome ninja costume!
 Maleen was a total trooper.
She wanted to walk most of the way.
She feel in love with her "purple pumpkin".
She cried her eyes out when I packed it away for next year.
 Along the way we met up with Nathan's sisters.
Raygen made an adorable witch.
Sutton was dead set on being a dragon!
Marcus as always was thrilled to see Jace.

My Favorite Book Character Is...

Lance from the book BOO! by Robert Munsch.

Marcus's first class presentation was to present a report on his favorite book.
He had to present from the point of view of the main character.
He had to dress-up.
He was a little nervous but did a great job!

Championship Game

When you are 7 years old there are few things more exciting then running through a banner!

In case you don't remember Marcus's football season started mid-July.
He played in the championship game on the 19thof November.
Unfortunately they didn't win (they lost by one touchdown)
But they never gave up!
On of the boys said after the game "I just want one more quarter coach!"
There were a LOT of tears (I am happy to report none from Marcus).
 Coach Mike gave a great little talk to the boys after the game.
He pointed out that they weren't supposed to be here.
Nobody thought they would make it to the championship.
Not Fernely who had 2 undefeated seasons (we shut them out the week before) 
and at the beginning of the season not even the coaches.
He told them to HOLD THEIR HEADS HIGH!!!
They worded HARD!
They practiced 5 days a week until school started!
They got better and better!
They had FUN!!!
It was a great season.


I can't believe how cute she is!