Tuesday, March 31, 2009


At 1:05 AM...

My phone rang and let's face it, no phone call at that time can be great news. On the other end of the phone was my sister, Mel, who said that my Dad's truck had exploded and was on fire. She went on to explain that the fire pager had gone off (her husband, Gib, is a fireman) and the page was that there was a vehicle explosion and fire and gave my parents' address. Needless to say my brother-in-law flew out of the house, but not before giving Mel specific instructions not to call anyone. He also made the comment that it was probably a mistake because cars don't just blow up. She being the good daughter and sister that she is waited until he raced out of the driveway and called my Dad to find out what was going on. My Dad told her that his truck had indeed exploded and was on fire and that he had to go. Mel then called me and gave me the news. We debated about me going to the house to take pictures but decided that there was the distinct possibility that Gib would divorce Mel. My Dad ended up calling to found out if Nathan had plugged in the truck when he brought it home last night (yes, Nathan was the last one to drive it) which gave Nathan the green light to go over. Surprisingly he refused to take my camera so he could take some pictures with the fire trucks there. Gib also had some bogus excuse for not taking any pictures, something about being a little busy trying to keep my parents house from starting on fire. When all was said and done me and Mel went over to talk with my parents and find out exactly what happened, as both of our husbands had scant details to share.

My Dad said that he was up going to the bathroom and heard a loud sound, like the sound a fire makes when it ignites only amplified by about 100, he ran outside in his unders and saw that his truck was on fire. He ran back inside to called 911 but couldn't call because he couldn't see without his glasses. Eventually he got through and the police department raced over with the fire department right behind them. I must say that Fallon has an awesome police department and an amazing volunteer fire department.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


We love it when my little sisters come home. Marcus absolutely loves it when his "Aunties" come home because they play nonstop with him.
While they were home for Spring Break we decided to go the the FFC, also know as Fronter Fun Center. Marcus and Malcolm had a great time playing on the "big toy" and bowling.

We all had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs!

With perfect form like this from my Dad no one will be surprised that he bowled an all time high score of 86!

In games of competition my Mom and Nathan tend to become a LITTLE competitive. This time Nathan beat her by 2 points. OUCH!

Marcus has been bowling a time or two and always has a great time.

Malcolm Cracked us up when he said "I've been bowling tons of times on the Wii." I must say he didn't do to shappy

Maleen had a great time being pasted from one person to another.

All in all it was a great day. What else could would you expect with shoes like these...

St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Fever

We have had major spring fever around here. Nathan got the bright idea to prune our HUGE tree himself. The tree is so tall that he has to rent some kind of fancy lift to finish the job.