Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Candee Farm

We just love these little goats!  
Seriously, I'm thinking about getting one
Maleen has a LOT of LOVE for her Grandma Tucker.
Hazel couldn't wait to show Grandma Tucker the Piglets, but...
They were all gone!
The big pigs are still super fun to see.
Who knew they were so BIG?!?
Feeding a goat is so much fun.
We are sure glad Aunt Colie could come to the farm.
We love the horses,

Chickens and Roosters,
Ducks, Geese, and Chucker
but mostly we love those baby GOATS!
We can't wait until Summer so Marcus can come on all of our adventures with us!

Melissa discovered this beautiful farm in Fallon.  We buy fresh eggs there and the people are super nice.  They let us traps around and see all the animals. They let us gather eggs, feed the goats, and show us the newest babies.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Twin Lakes

We spent the weekend at the cabin.  It was AWESOME!!!!!!  To bad I forgot my camera!
  • The weather was awesome, not to hot not to cold.  Perfect for hot chocolate in the morning.
  • Everything worked (when you go up for the first time after winter you never know what you are going to get.)
  • The kids were awesome.
  • It was as beautiful as always.
  • Maleen had her fist ice cream cone and LOVED it.
  • Marcus and Nathan did a little fishing (with no luck) but had a great time.
  • We went on a couple of long walks.
  • Threw some rocks in the lake.
  • Read a little.
  • Relaxed a lot.

Rabbit Hunting

Marcus shot his first rabbit with his BB gun.
He insisted that we take a picture "for the Blog".

Happy Birthday Marcus

I love that Marcus LOVES his cousins.
While planning his party I commented that perhaps Fenn was to little.  Marcus promptly replied, "He's one of my best friends Mom."  Enough said.
He has been asked for a remote control spider since Easter.  
Fenn and Malcolm delivered and it was a huge success!
Jace also brought a "great" gift, two fish and a fish tank! 
Jace will be getting a hamster for Christmas.
Fenn went home about 10:00 PM (after he fell asleep).
Marcus said that to be a real sleepover they had to sleep on the couch!
They ate real movie popcorn (thanks Rachel for the use of you popcorn popper), drank soda, ate candy, watched a movie, played video games, and giggled until 2:00 AM.

The next day they went shooting with Nathan and then came home and did some target shooting with various weapons (water balloons, squirt guns, etc.).  It was a lot of fun, sorry I was way to involved to take any photos.

Then we had a Birthday Dinner with all the rest of the family
Marcus was humiliated by everyone singing Happy Birthday!

All in all it was a great Birthday weekend!
He has already started talking about his NEXT one.

What In The...

To say we have had a windy Spring would be putting it mildly.  On April 27, I arrived home with Marcus and came to a dead stop at the top of our driveway.  I said "What in the..." and Marcus one cue said, "Is that our trampoline on our roof!"  Yes, indeed it was our trampoline on the roof and then off the roof into the front yard and on its way out of the yard and down the street.  Needless to say I had to call for reinforcements, my Mom and Mel.  We ended up having to take the whole thing apart to keep it from blowing away.