Monday, July 5, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

4th of July at Twin

What would a weekend with Uncle Steve be without a wrestling match?
Never mind that there were 15 people in our 1200 sq ft cabin.
Marcus loves fishing with his Dad.
And who can blame him in this paradise!?!
What can I say?
They are the BEST!
Cute, Cute, CUTE
Hundreds maybe Thousands of people come to Bridgeport for the 4th.
And who can blame them.
It is everything the 4th should be.
Festive, with a parade, good food, fire works, and a beautiful location.
Two of the best sisters a person could ask for.
Poor Hazel fell down the stairs the day before.  
She had the biggest goose egg any of us had ever seen
She is super tough and bounced right back.
Jenny got to come this year which was great.
Marcus loved setting off the fire works that his Dad bought him.
Maleen was not super impressed at first.
In fact she was scared to death.
By the end of the show she LOVED it.
She clapped and said "WOW" over and over.
Rachel, Nathan, Marcus, and I talked made comments through the whole fireworks show.
We LOVED it!
Lynlee did not appreciate our constant commentary.
Even Grandma and Grandpa love the fireworks in Bridgeport.

We are so lucky that my parents bought a cabin in Twin Lakes.
Spending the 4th of July there is a highlight of our Summer.
We cram in like sardines and love every minute of it.
We play games, swim, kayak, eat, sleep, hike, and RELAX 

Reunion Part 3 The Zoo, Natural History Museum, and Jump On It

Marcus loves his Uncle Steve.
Steve is such a great sport.
Our kids are lucky to have him.
Touching this snake was the highlight on Marcus's trip.
Maleen loved the Zoo.
She especially loved the monkeys.
 The gorilla was awesome.
He played peek-a-boo with our kids.
Hazel is still talking about it.
Maleen loved Grandma's sun hat.

After the Zoo (95 degrees) Rachel took us the the U's Natural History Museum (nice and air conditioned)
It did not disappoint.
The kids loved it.
The adults were to exhausted to really appreciate it.

After the Natural History Museum we headed to Jump On It (warehouse filed with trampolines and bounce houses, what's not to love)
Nice flip Marcus.
Everyone was sure Nathan was going to end up in the ER.
I am happy to report he didn't
Even the baby girls loved it.
Nice air Kinsley.

By the end of Jump On It we had moved passed exhaustion to complete delirium.
Hence why there are no more pictures.
The Reunion ended with another delicious dinner at Shelley and Dave's.

Thanks Foster Family for such a great time!

Tucker Family Reunion Part 2 LAGOON

Maleen was ready for some fun at Lagoon.
If I puff my hat up will it make me taller Dad?
My boys!
I love them!
Grandpa was a good sport.
Marcus was brave.
He went on every ride he was tall enough for.
Maleen on the other hand was not so brave.
She did NOT enjoy the carousel.
She did however enjoy puff.
When the ride ended she said, "Fun!"
Grandma Tucker
Thanks for such a great family!
These boys played HARD!
The splash park was a big hit.
Everyone had a great time.
We were completely exhausted by the time we left.

Let's Stick Together (Tucker Family Reunion Part 1)

Nathan had major grass burn after several trips down the slip-and-slide.
Kinsley gave everyone a run for there money.
Tanii would not be outdone by the big kids.
Nice moves Marcus!
Everyone (big kids, little kids, and mostly the adults) had a great time on the slip-and-slides.
 Keep you eye on the ball Trey.
After everyone did some slipping and sliding a serious game of slip-n-slide baseball got underway.
Thank you Uncle Tye.
All the little girls had fun playing in 1st Base.
We sure are lucky to have such a great family.

After some fun in the sun we headed to Shelley and Dave's for our
Lets Stick Together Dinner
The food was delicious and everything was served on a stick.
It was super cute.
Shelley got to live her dream of being a bartender.
She created some delicious mixed drinks (slushies to be more specific)
Dave has done work on their backyard.
It is really beautiful!!!
We all had a great time kicking back and visiting.
To top of our great reunion kick off party