Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2nd Grade

Wow! Marcus is in 2nd Grade.
Marcus had some opinions this year about what he wanted to wear the 1st day.
I think he has pretty good taste.
It was very exciting to see Jace on the playground.
The Districts theme this year is TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More, Marcus's teacher did a great job decking her classroom out with sports decor.  Which he loved.
Marcus's teacher is Mrs. Frank.  I think he is going to love her.  She seems very sweet.
He was a little nervous about being in her class.  He nearly broke into tears when I made him take this picture.  When we walked back towards the playground he saw Miss Mandic and threw his arms around her.  I was so happy when school was over and her reported that, "Mrs. Frank is super nice."

Maleen and Hazel Learn to Swim

We decided to sign Maleen and Hazel up for a semi-private swimming lesson at the end of summer.  I'm sure their swimming teacher, Eddie, wanted to die when he realized he would be teaching two tinny little girls with two VERY strong opinions.
Maleen loved to KICK, Hazel apparently didn't feel like kicking and she wasn't afraid to let Eddie know what she did and did not want to do.
Eddie would say, "Let's blow bubbles" and Hazel would reply, "You do it Eddie."
Maleen on the other had was very passive aggressive.  If Eddie suggested something she didn't want to do she simply pretended she didn't hear him and kept right on doing what she wanted to do.
Both girls loved a game of "Ring Around The Rossie"
Eddie was a great sport!
Hazel LOVED to float on her back.
Maleen not so much!

By the end of lessons both girls happily went off the slide, jumped off the side, and happily went under.
I call that a complete success.

It's That Time of Year Again.

My life officially goes on hold once football starts.
Starting the middle of July the Greenwave Bandits practiced 5 days a week for 2 hours a day.
Once school starts practice will be 3 days a week for 2 hours and games every Saturday.
Marcus shows a TON of improvement this year.  
He is no longer the smallest guy on the team.
His new coaches are great.

Crop Duster

One thing I love about living in a farming community is seeing the CROP DUSTER!
We woke up to quite an air show out our back window as the corn field behind our house got dusted!

Tuesday Swim Day

This summer Courtney instituted Tuesday Swim Day at her house.  It was so much fun getting together with good friends, visiting, swimming, and letting our kids play.  The only problem with Tuesday Swim Day was summer got over to quickly... Oh well there is always next year?!?
A lot of good chit chat took place under that umbrella
The boys got pretty tricky by the end of summer.
We at a LOT of snacks.
And got to spend some extra time with the people we love!

Thanks Court

RBC Denver

Tahoe (No Dad's Allowed)

Last year Mel and I had such a great time on our Tahoe (No Dad's Allowed) trip that we decided to make it an annual event!  This year we rented a bigger cabin (Fenn felt that the cabin was "absolutely wonderful") and invited all the girls...
Rachel and Nicole were the only ones who could come.
It was so much fun having them there.
Although I don't think they were impressed by our lackadaisical Tahoe parenting.
(Maleen was crying for NO reason... when Rachel pointed out that she was crying I simply pointed out that we come to Tahoe to ignore our kids.  Needless to say this didn't come out quite right... What I meant was ignore there crying for now reason.)
Cousin Love is what it is all about!
Rachel is always such a good sport.  She spent a LOT of time "fishing" with Marcus.
Next year we will be bringing nets to tray to catch those illusive little fish.
Swimming in the BIG waves is one of our favorite things to do.
Although this year the waves didn't get that BIG it was still FUN!
Strike a pose!
This year our kids were big enough to go to the BIG SLIDE!  This is something Mel and I have very fond memories of as little kids.  When we pulled up Rachel was less then impressed (we had been taking these slides up for days) and to be honest the place is a bit dumpy looking.  But like the saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover."
Yes, you have to climb four flights of stairs to get to the top.
But it is worth EVERY step!
Our boys went down again and again and again.
It was $6.00 well spent.
Maleen went down twice.
I think she was in such a state of shock the first time that she couldn't cry.
After the second time she cried and cried.
And shook for about half an hour.
Needless to say she did not go again.
Hazel loved it the first couple of times.
But after the third of fourth time she started sobbing (I guess she caught a little to much air).
She went down a couple of more times a little later.
The boys were exhausted by the time we got home.
You know you had a great day when you look like this at the end of it.

Thanks girls for such a fun few days!
These are memories our kids will never forget.
Marcus is already talking about going back next year.
And who knows maybe there will be a little Snyder to join us!?!?