Sunday, October 24, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

 Raygen, the leader of the girls.
 Maleen the smallest but just as ferocious as the rest of the girls.
 Sutton, the youngest but you would never guess.

 This creek has provided hundreds of hours of fun for all the kids in Starr Valley.
 Look at that MUD!
 Marcus and Raygen had the best time playing together.
Marcus was sad when he found out Jace wouldn't be there but he
had such a great time palling around with Raygen.

The yard in Starr Valley is perfect for kick around a ball.

This year we once again headed to Starr Valley for Labor Day Weekend.
We had a great time.

My Heart Could Melt!

Just Chillin'

I was watching our kids the other day and after a while I noticed that it was pretty quiet.
I panicked wondering what they were into.
When I walked out into the living room they were all just chillin' on the couch.

She's Got Curlers In Her Hair But...

She's Nice.

Scouting for ELK

 Do you see anything Marcus?
 For the fist little bit of our day Maleen couldn't figure out what in the world was going on and why she was allowed to get sooo dirty.
 I'm one lucky wife and mom.
 Few things make Marcus more happy than a day outside with his gun.
 If it flies it dies.
 Toward the middle of the day we saw some elk.
We decided to stop and take a closer look. 
 Nathan was very excited to see some nice bulls.
 Maleen was soooo dirty.
But still soooo darn cute.
 I must say I was also pretty excited to see the bulls.
 The side of the mountain the Elk were on.
 Marcus also got in on the action checking out the elk through the binocs.
 I just love these two.  They dug in the dirt for ages together.
He just couldn't pull himself away.

Nathan drew his elk tag this year.  I know in some places that is not big deal but in Nevada it is basically a once in a lifetime draw.  So it is very exciting.
We took our last free weekend before regular football games started to go up to Nathan's area and scout.
We had such a great day.

Smackdown 2010

Fallon pulled out all the bells and whistles for the Smackdown.
It is hard to tell in the pictures but there were thousands of people.
They estimated that 12,000 people came to the Smackdown.
Marcus has a great group of kids on his team this year.
They have come a long way since their first practice!
The fist of many games!!!
 We LOVE Marcus's coach this year.
Coach Mike
 Let the game (scrimmage) begin.
 Marcus plays on the Green O offence and kick off return team this year.

This year Fallon hosted the SYFL SMACKDOWN.  They pulled out all the stops.
I was a huge success. 
Pizza Barn had their highest grossing day ever!
It was a great way to kick off the season.
Our little team may actually do all right this year!