Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'll Take That Dare Mel...

And I double dog dare the rest of you!
 Let's just get the most horrifying ones done right from the get go.
I will begin Spring Cleaning Monday and this is my first project.
Wish me luck!

 Catch-all and soon to be Maleen or Marcu's Room (haven't decided yet)
Need I say more?

It looks worse in the pictures I swear! 
 I had to throw these ones in for my own self-esteem!
 Yes, Maleen and Hazel emptied out half the wipes, all the diapers and most of the shoes.
Isn't the point of a play room to keep the mess in one place?
Yes that is a bouncy chair and a shot gun on my bathroom counter.
Doesn't everyone keep those on hand in the bathroom?

Yes, I was blog stocking when I happened upon Mel's Dare.
Why you may wonder when my house looks like this?  
I'm asking myself that same question right now!

Mel's Had A ...

Hell of a couple of weeks, as evidenced by the fact that she did P90X in her UNDERWARE!  Yes you heard me right.  I walked in her house at about 5:25 AM ready to "Bring It", Mel stood up and it became blaringly obvious that she was missing, what in my opnion is a vital piece of workout equipment, namely pants.  When I politely questioned her she just shrugged.  Imagine Ab Ripper with no pants.  That's all I have to say about that!

Love you Mel!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I just wish you could hear Marcus singing "I was born in the South of America" in a total rocker voice (we always talk about him being born in the South).  These little boys LOVE to play together.  You literally have to do nothing but feed them when they are together.

We are so lucky to live in a town surrounded by family.  My kids Love spending time with their cousins.

The Best Part of 2008

Say Hello to the babies of 2008: 
Hazel, Maleen, Hartley, Cinco, Olivia and Sawyer.
I hope you will be friends forever!


Lynlee picked the Joseph Smith Memorial Building at Temple Square as the venue for her reception.  She has known that she wanted her reception there since she was a little girl.  The JSMB is near and dear to my heart. It is where Nathan and I had our luncheon after we got married. It is absolutely beautiful.

The tables looked beautiful even before the flowers arrived.

The cake was darling.

The flowers were beautiful.  
Who says carnations aren't pretty?

The view amazing!

Fenn completely exhausted after at lest 6 hours of swimming a day for 4 days.

Steve's friends Anthony and Scott and Lynlee's friend Kaylee and Mel "toasted" the couple.  They were all so sweet.  These two are really loved.  Melissa was not all that amused to be appointed as the "toaster" for our family (hey she is the oldest) she did an awesome job and said what we all could not.  They also had a friend sing.  She was amazing.  Between the toasts and the songs everyone was a bit teary eyed.

When I asked Marcus if the wedding was fun he said "It didn't start off that fun but it just kept getting funner and funner."  Apparently he did think it was to fun waiting for Lynlee and Steve to come out of the temple.  He did have a great time with all of his cousins and yes that is him on the bottom of the dog pile.

I just love this picture!  
Maleen and Hazel both had a great time playing in this window.

Here Comes the Bride (and Groom)

They look so happy and we are super excited to have Steve in the family.
Our kids LOVE him and so do we!
 The Kesslers have been friends of our family for years.  Kyle is their oldest son super cute and super smart.  We are trying to work a Rachel Kyle angle and although she agrees that he is a hottie she feels it may be awkward.  We haven't given up hope that something will workout between her and Kyle or her and Tyson (he is on his mission right now.  He is equally as adorable and as smart) we aren't picky we adore them both.
Our Uncle Sam is so fun!  


  Maleen wasn't in a great or even a good mood when I left her at the hotel with my sisters.
Apparently her mood did not improve!

 Apparently these boys attempted a little wrestling while they waited.
  Fenn was not amused by his wedding attire.

Steve's nieces and nephew did not appear to have any
"behavioral issues"  I asked his sisters if they wanted to trade.

Steve had a LOT of friends come in from out of town to help them celebrate!

Let me start by saying THANK YOU to Mel, Rachel, Nicole, Jenny and Gib.  They got left with the responsibility of getting all of the kids ready and to the temple on time as well as picking up and delivering the "walking flowers" and then watching all the kids while they waited for us to come out of the temple.

Rachel got stuck with the responsibility of picking up and delivering the walking flowers.  We could tell from the beginning this was something she did NOT want to do.  But because she is Rachel (totally willing to lend a hand and to nice to say no) she said that she would do it.  Well right before she was ready to leave She started bawling.  She did not know where to pick up the flowers, where to deliver them, where to park, and quite frankly did not want the responsibility of screwing it up.  This is not typical for Rachel.  So we ALL went  into how can we fix this for her mode.  It was decided that Rachel would pick up the flowers and come back to the hotel.  Where she and Mel would load them into the Suburban and drive them over to the temple.  Problem solved... we thought.  

Rachel later admitted that after pulling herself together in the hotel she got in her car and had another breakdown.  It had finally hit her that Lynlee was getting married...Her Lynlee, "You know it has always been Lynlee and Rachel and now she is getting married."  I could relate to that feeling and I lost it for her. Mine happened the day Melissa left for BYU without a dout one of the worst days of my life.  I am crying just thinking about it (embaressing but true).  Loveing someone so much is just part of being a sisiter.

If My Dad Had Only Known...

how much joy my Mom would get out of this steamer he would have bought her one years ago.

You would never know...

That below this regular look Pharmacy (which my Dad discovered does 100 compounds a day) is...
or more specifically DELICIOUS pizza (and I don't like Pizza)
If you have ever wondered what a 23" pizza looks like now you know.
Ya, we ordered 2 of them along with a 16".

Lynlee and Rachel directed us to The Pie for dinner the night before the wedding.

It's A Shower

Me and Mel fell in LOVE with these invitations.
Which also made the Perfect tags for the favors.
We had the shower at the Brick Oven.  
I gained a lot of love for showing up and having everything ready!
  Lynlee refused to look beyond the STANDARD kitchen supplies in her gift from Shelley and Danica.
We talked her into it!
Steve thanked Shelley for the goodies at the reception. 
Right after he basically told everyone it was time to leave.
By the time she got tot he flirty apron from some of her friends she was passed being embaressed.
The baby girls had a great time at their first ALL girls event!