Thursday, December 10, 2009

What do you do when the high is 5 degrees????

Catch up on 3 months worth of blogging. There are pages and pages of new posts. Hope you enjoy!

Snow Day Take 2

Baby it's cold outside
Ready, Set, GOOOOO!
These two are such good buddies and have the best time together.
Living the dream.
Nice balance.
Our driveway is not the steep. Sometimes you needed a little push.
Yes he rode clear down the hill on his back eating the snow off his glove.
Just taking a little break.
Why ride when you can roll.
Fenn is completely covered by snow.

Yes that is right 2 snow days in a row. The city had everyone who owned a dump truck, backhoe, or road grader working to clear the roads so we couldn't use the 4-wheeler instead we used a knee board to sled down my driveway. We watched Christmas movies and made some delicious cookies. What more could you ask for.

It's a SNOW DAY!!!!!

This is a sight you don't see very often in Fallon.
Too Cute!
Fenn was so excited to get outside he didn't take the time to put on his snow boots.

Lets ride!
So happy together.
What a great way to spend a day!
Looks fun!
Because we so rarely have snow most of us don't have proper snow gear. We had to make due with what we could scrounge together. Thank goodness for dryers.
I built a big fire to warm us up after playing in the snow.
Marcus saw this mask and quickly stole it from me.
Grandma brought the girls to watch the boys ride the tubes.
I mocked Nathan when he offered me this hat first thing in the morning. I quickly changed my mind after driving the 4-wheeler.
At first Hazel thought it might be fun to be ouside in the snow but then...
she realized it was not.
"Look Mom no hand!"
Maleen loves a 4 wheeler ride. She would not be denied.
Mind you she cried so hard Grandma had to take her home when we made her get off.
The boys went around and around Manchester Circle until they were frozen, tired and in tears!
This is what real fun looks like at the end of the day.

These are the four magical words I wished to hear when it started snowing Sunday night. I knew the chances of that happening were slim to none. Fallon had not had a snow day for almost 20 years. But then at 6:45 AM the phone rang and I heard the words I had wished to hear. I was to excited to sleep so I woke up Nathan and Marcus to share the exciting news. I then called Aunt Mel and Grandma to make plans.

The day started with breakfast and grandma's then off to Tedford's to get tubes. We pulled the boys around and around Manchester Circle on the tubes behind the four wheeler. They after they were frozen we headed up to my house to warm up by a fire. Grandma and Grandpa volunteered to keep the girls, they are both struggling to get over colds.

After warming up we headed back outside. It was an amazing day. One I will never forget. I am so lucky to be able to stay home and make these memories with my kids. I am also lucky to share such great experiences with my sisiter and her kids! Love you guys.

Starr Valley

I have the most adorable family!
Pam keeping the babies warm!
Conner is an awesome shot.
Drew is a die hard thrower. He never complains and just keeps throwing and throwing for as long as anyone wants to shoot.
Enjoying the nice warm fire.
Just watching the action and whishing they were a littler bit bigger.
Sutton looks just like a girl version of her Dad.
Scott justing kicking back watching his partner do work.
And the Winner is...
In Annie Oakley you have to be ready. The first person says pull. He shoots the birdie and then each person after tries to piece him. If you get pieced you are out.
Looks good Raygen
Landon is getting so big.
The kids love to play under this huge coffee tableGirls share.
Maleen share!
Really girls share!
Maleen finally settled for two and Sutton one.
These two little boys really love each other.
This is totally not a staged hug.
I love that Pa loves my kids!

We love going to Starr Valley the Friday after Thanksgiving. Nathan's family does an annual Turkey Shoot. It is a lot of fun. Each team pays $20.00 to enter. The winning team gets their name on the Trophy and takes home the pot. Needless to say Nathan and I have never won. This years winner was Conner and his Dad, Scott. After the official shoot we play a game called Annie Oakley which is also very fun. We figured by the end of the weekend we had shot between 1,500 and 2,000 shells.

As usualy Pam fixed more food then anyone family could possibly eat. It was delicious! My personal favorite 1-2-3 cookies and slush.

We spent Saturday morning putting up Nana and Papa's enormous Christmas Tree. The kids had a great time and the tree looked great as usual.

It was so nice to see everyone. Pa (Pam's Dad) came from Utah and Jason and his family came all the way from Nebraska. Everyone else made the drive from Fallon. Marcus and Jace kept each other busy. They love each other and can play nonstop. Finally Saturday night they were so tired they could hardly move. Jace said, "It is time for you to go to bed and for me to go to bed." Both boys were to tired to even walk and had to be packed to bed by their Moms.

Happy Thanksgiving

I got to my parent's bright and early with Maleen. She loves this mega bucket of tinker toys although this is the first time she has actually played in the bucket.
Maleen loves anthing fancy. She nearly lost her mind over this headband.
About three years ago I asked for and received a sewing machine. I have gotten nonstop crap for it ever since. Mostly because I never used it. Well I finally used it and made these adorable outfits for Maleen and Hazel. I think they turned out rather adorable for a first project.
Have another olive Grandma.
Malcolm and Marcus just kicking back with some toons after dinner.

I love Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for. My husband, kids, parents, sisters, my grandma and the fact that Nathan is done with Pharmacy School to name just a few. If you are wondering why there is only one picture of Marcus, Fenn and Malcolm it is because Nathan gave us a little Thanksgiving miracle. He took the boys BB gun shooting before and after dinner.