Monday, July 20, 2009

Tahoe Here We Come....

Me and Mel are taking our kids to stay at Lake Tahoe for a couple of days. Should be paradise considering it has been in the 100's.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What do you do when you husband shows up at 1:30 AM with...

a kitten???

You go to Wal-Mart the next morning and purchase a $120.00 worth of kitten supplies.

Nathan has been working his rear off at the Pharmacy. They are doing a big remodel and most of the work has to be done at night or on weekends which means we have seen very little of him. I think he was feeling guilty and knew that Marcus has always wanted a kitten so when Jeanie called and said she had a kitten that she couldn't keep because her husband was allergic to it Nathan (without checking with me first) said we would love to have it. When he finally got home at 1:30 AM he woke us both up for the big surprise. Needless to say Marcus is in love with his little Silver.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You know your Nana loves you ...

She buys a swimming pool/bounce house/water slide and invites you over for the afternoon.

Twin Lakes

What do you do in a 900 sq ft cabin with 14 people?

You swim.

even when you know the water is freezing
It is a total shock to you system if you decided to jump of the dock.

Suites optional!

You Eat and Eat and Eat some more!!!!

You fish


and watch Scooby Doo
hey when you are in a cabin with 14 people and two of them are under age 1 you do whatever it takes to get those babies to sleep at night!

We had the best time with everyone at the cabin this year and learned a few tricks along the way. Like if you take three noisy little boys to the showers you can get two tired little girls to sleep. If you are a "big" boy it is a lot more enjoyable to sleep in a cot on the deck then cram into the loft. Don't trust Nathan and Steve when going on a Kayak ride, they will jump in the freezing cold water just to drench you. AND when we are all together it is so much fun!

4th of July

We spent the 4th at my parents' cabin.
Bridgeport's 4th of July celebration is everything the 4th should be.

Parade with Candy
which was eaten as fast as it was picked up.

Bounce Houses
for the bargain price of $3.00 a bounce

Good Food (well worth the wait!)
If you are ever in the area don't be fooled by the charm of the Jolly Cone. The Barn has way better food!

and fireworks. . .
with classic patriot rock provided by the truck parked next to ours.

just as much fun for big kids as little kids!

Nothing beats a

Nevada Sunset.
We love the view from our backyard!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

He can swim...

Now if only we can convince him that he can! Marcus totally panicked during swimming lessons when his swim instructor, Brandon, made him swim in the deep end. He would negotiate, stall, cry and negotiate some more before he would actually swim (Brandon deserves a medal or a raise). After Brandon would finally put his foot down and insist that he swim Marcus was able to swim across the pool no problem.

It's always fun when...

There is nothing more fun then when cousins come to town.

Except maybe when aunties come!?!

What a blessing...

These three little cousins were all born within a few weeks of each other. We wanted to bless them all at the same time so we had to wait until Maleen's adoption was final. Well it was final in April but coordinating two large families took some time.
The Foster's came to Fallon and baptized Tanii at the same time. Nathan's Pa also came to town for the big event. We feel so lucky that these girls have each other. They are absolutely adorable and are bound to set this town on fire when they get a little older. Alls I can say is watch out.

When you are blessing babies that are between 9 and 7 months old you never know what you are going to get. All of the babies did awesome but reportedly got a little heavy.

Saturday we had Maleen sealed to us. Words can't explain how great it feels to know that she is ours forever. President Brent Wadsworth preformed the sealing.